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Environment, Social and Governance


  • Positive Climate action: Savannah's lithium could help to remove millions of tonnes of CO2 from the EU transport sector
  • Impact mitigation: The EIA features a host of individual measures to eliminate, mitigate, or minimise impacts
  • Air quality: Active dust suppression including spraying unpaved roads. Decarbonisation strategy initiated targeting net-zero Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions over the life of the Project
  • Water usage: Project to be self-sufficient through on-site water harvesting and storage, & wastewater recycling
  • Smart Project design: Impact of transport, noise, light and dust emission minimised


  • Committed to sharing the socio-economic benefits the Project can bring with local communities
  • The Barroso Lithium Project is expected to create 200+ long-term direct jobs
  • Preference for sourcing from local suppliers could create hundreds of additional indirect jobs too
  • Project Information Centres opened in local communities
  • Sponsorship of local cultural and sporting events & teams
  • Donations to local firefighting service (forest fire mitigation)
  • Repairs made to local housing stock


  • As a UK Plc listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, transparency is obtained on a similar basis for all shareholders as the Company adheres to all reporting requirements
  • Adheres to QCA Corporate Governance Code
  • Directors’ interests are aligned with the shareholders as they have invested nearly £10m cash in the company and have shareholdings totaling 19%