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Our Community

The materials on this page are provided to help the community and stakeholders understand our activities and our plans for the responsible development and operation of the Barroso Lithium Project.

Our commitment to communities and stakeholders is to act with integrity, transparency and honesty at all times.

Ahead of the Project being developed, Savannah has been pleased to provide employment for local people, purchase goods and services locally, and support a range of different community groups and activities. However, the Company understands that to fulfil its aspiration of becoming a valued member of the local community it must make good on its commitments to operate the Barroso Lithium Project in a responsible and sustainable way and to share with stakeholders the many benefits the Project can bring.

Savannah is developing two plans designed to ensure that the economic and social benefits of the Barroso Lithium Project are shared in a transparent manner: the Benefit Sharing Plan and the Good Neighbour Plan.

Local communities and stakeholders, including local organisations, elected representatives and local administrators, are being involved in the ongoing process of developing these plans. Input from stakeholders will ensure that these plans not only bring benefits while the Project is operating but also over the much longer term after the Project has closed.

The plans are being created to ensure that local communities benefit from the value created by lithium production in their area in a sustainable way that is in agreement with the needs of the community and local development objectives.

Through social investment, employment and other contributions, the Barroso Lithium Project can support the municipality of Boticas to achieve its development goals.

Savannah and its experienced consultants, such as Community Insight Group, are on the ground listening to the local population, its appointed representatives, and local groups to understand specifically what the area’s needs are. Through this work, a comprehensive plan can be developed to ensure that the region benefits from the project in the way it wants.

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